War Strategy

One thing about war strategy is that there are a lot of ideas out there that we can use.   Our current strategy we will call the 3 star choose your own target method.

Attack Timing

If you are in the bottom 25% of the rankings use both attacks in the first 12 hours if possible.  Don’t worry too much about stepping on others targets in this range – It’s important to get your attacks in quickly so players with better troops can adust to hit higher or lower targets.

Those in the middle 50% of the rankings (11-30 in a 40 man)  get at least one  attack in the first 12 hours.

The top 25% should carefully consider targets in higher levels that can be 2 starred.  If you wish to attack one of these to pick up 2 stars please do so but save your last attack if possible – it will be needed for cleanup.

About 12 hours into the war we will assess our overall strategy and begin assigning cleanup targets.

About 2 hours before the war ends begin checking in before making your attacks.  This is important since we may to give lower ranks a shot at targets or have specific attacks that will gauratee a 3 star already building.

Target selection

We use clashcaller.com to call war positions and make notes about certain bases.  Please enter your attacks before the war starts and make notes on the bases if you like. I  encourage everyone to read these as they can contian valuable tips and strategies such as which bases should be left for hogs, dragons, or golems, or things to watch for.

NOTE:  If you are in the top 20 checking clashcaller before you attack is extremely important.  Attacking troop compositions vary widely in this range.  Taking someone’s planned target can cause 2 hours of troop rebuilds and cost hundreds of thousands in elixir.  In most scenarios it means the impacted party will do a less effective attack on a different target losing stars.

In general you should be using your first attack on a target slightly lower level than you are.  A new TH9 should be looking at the high to mid TH8s,  Likewise a high TH8 should look at the mid to low level TH8s.   Try to stay within 7 positions of your rank in most cases.


How clash caller works and why we use it, with a tutorial (Powerbang)



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