TH7: Mass Dragons

Dragons are the go to attack for a town hall 7.   Use your barbarian king and a single dragon to clear a few of the structures on either side of your attack and then drop your main force on the remaining peninsula.  This will leave a trail of building your dragons can follow to the air defense and town hall.  The goal is to destroy the air defense as quickly as possible and prevent your dragons from circling the town hall.   With this attack you can 3 star any TH7 and most TH8 bases.

Spell Choices

  • 3 Lightning (for the far Air D)
  • 2 Lightning, 1 Earthquake (for the far Air D) + 1 rage or 1 heal
  • 2 Rage & 1 Heal (Typically Level 1 or 2 dragons need a heal to keep them up.)
  • 3 Rage – Good for Level 3 dragons who have more health

Common Mistakes

  1. Dropping all dragons on a single spot.   Don’t drop all your dragons on a single map position.  Once you’ve done this you have given up on directing them.  They will quickly kill a structure and move to another – this is the most common cause of dragons circling around a town hall or air defense.  In addition when hit by CC wizards, CC dragons, red balloons or Wizard towers every dragon in your clump will take damage.
  2. Spreading dragons too much.   Dragons work best in a wave sweeping from one side of a base to the other.  They need to stay close together (but not clumped) so that they kill faster.  If you place a few in each corner of the base then you are not concentrating your damage and every defense on the base will get a chance to shoot at you.  If you stay in a line on one side then only a 1/3 of the base is shooting at you.
  3. Resist the urge to place a few dragons and lure the CC.  Dragons are one of the only troop compositions that do NOT require you to deal with the CC. Their high HP and area effect damage make dealing with the CC a non issue and simply force you to spread your dragons too much.
  4. Attacking away from the air defense.  Sometimes people drop their dragons on the far side of the air defense rather than as close to it as they can get.  This can cause issues with dragons breaking formation before they reach the AD and typically they will have more structures to work through.

Advanced Tactics

  1. If the enemy has an air defense located on the outer most ring of building then bringing a CC of with hog riders can help kill it.   You can not kill multiple defensive structures so be careful not to take on too much with this tactic. Often the sacrifice of 20-25 space is worth the AD kill.
  2. Adding balloons (Level 5 or level 6 in your CC) can help with those centralized AD.  You’ll have to hold back on dropping them until your dragons have cleared the defenses leading to the core of the base.  Then drop the balloons and rage them as they get close to the enemy core.  The goal with this type of attack is for your dragons to take the hits and get the non defensive structures allowing your balloons enough time to take out the AD.


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