War Attacks

This page is intended to highlight successful war attacks and offer general advice on attacking in war.  Our goal is to be become better at war as a clan which means changing troop composition to suit your enemy and your options.

Recommended Basic Attacks

TH7 – Mass Dragon

TH8-10 – GoHoWiPe/GoLoWiPe, GoHo, GoLaLoon

Note: GoWiPe is NOT a 3 star strategy! It can provide consistent 2 star attacks, but will not bring 3 stars the majority of the time. GoHoWiPe/GoLoWiPe are the “gateway” 3 star strategies to get you into full 3 star attacks.

Major War Don’ts

  1. Don’t bring a farming army filled with weak troops such as goblins, or mass barbarians and archers. This is guaranteed to fail against a war base.
  2. Don’t bring all melee units like an army of giants. You need ranged troops to deal with flying units and Valkyrie.  These troops destroy clustered melee units.
  3. As a general rule of thumb don’t mix ground and air unless you have a specific reason.  By going all air or all ground you stop 1/2 the defenses from shooting at you.  There are some high level hybrid attacks that make use of hogs and balloons however this should be reserved for TH9 and higher.


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