Clan Rules

Welcome New Players!

If you just joined our clan and want to know how we do things, you’re in the right place!  Below are the important rules and guidelines for the Seattle Seahawks clan.

CoLeads & Elders

Elder is gained through clan war and activity.   Simply participate in 2 back to back clan wars following all the war rules and make 500 donates in a season and you’ll become an elder.  Many of our Elders contribute enormously to the clan – these efforts are noted, appreciated, and their advice and opinions are highly valued.

Currently it is not possible to become a colead as we already have a number of them.  At some point in the future we may restructure the clan leadership, reduce the number of coleads, and hand out specific jobs to go with the title.


We expect players to be active – we are primarily a war clan which comes with certain expectations.

  1. You should be participating in 50% of all clan wars.  We don’t want a bunch of bystanders.
  2. You should be farming in order to build your base and improve your war troops.  Try to get in 30 or more attacks a season (minimum of 7 per week).
  3. Requesting and Donating is expected.  Strive to keep the total of your requests plus donates over 700 each season (i.e. 150 donates + 550 requests = 700).  There is no ratio limit but excessive freeloading won’t be tolerated either.

General Chat Rules

  1. Be mature.  This means no spamming, repeatedly telling others to attack, or asking when to start a war etc.
  2. Be supportive of others.  We strive for a supportive team atmosphere. So rather than berating a player for a bad attack instead offer them advice on what can be done better.  Constructive criticism and a gentle reminder will go further than attacking a player and foster the environment we are looking for.  To the recipients please be open to the advice offered.  Note: Bullying a player is grounds for expulsion.
  3. Swearing and inappropriate comments.  Keep swearing to a minimum – occasional use is OK but we have younger members in the clan and others who find it offensive.  The same goes for certain topics:  The basic rule – If you can’t say it in front of your mom or in public setting it’s not something you want to put in chat.
  4. Be active:  Activity doesn’t just apply to farming, warring, and donating – log on tell us how your day went – It brings us closer together as a team.
  5. Check clan mail.  If it was important enough for a mail then you should heed the message.  Often this is a reminder to specific players about missing attacks or contains war strategy plans.

War Rules

War is our primary focus.  Many people put a lot of resources and effort into our wars and it is important to be mindful of this. If for any reason you won’t be active during a war, please let us know so we can take you out of it. Here are our rules about war:

  1. If you are participating in a war you must use both attacks.  If you choose not to participate then go into your profile under Clan Wars and “Opt Out”.
  2. CC troops and spells are required in all war battles.  Not bringing them hurts your chances of winning and therefore the team.  People are always on during war ready to fill your CC with great troops.  Not bringing CC troops is Tech’s personal pet peeve.  (Grrr!!!)  You’ll be warned – then you’ll be demoted, then you’ll be kicked.
  3. Town Hall sniping or attacking for loot is NEVER allowed.   Doing so will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.
  4. Bring your best troops and attack a valid war target. A farming army of goblins, barbs, and archers doesn’t cut it in war.  Neither does attacking a target 15 positions below you just to get in your attack.  It’s showing your clan mates you don’t care about them.
  5. In the last hour of the war check in before you launch your attack.  We may need you to hit a specific target or have a great attack strat that will help us squeak out the win.
  6. If you will not have spells due to upgrading, or will be missing both royals consider Opting Out of the war.  It will have a significant impact on your performance.
  7. No Rushed Bases:  Rushing greatly damages your ability to 3 star
  8. Always go for 3 stars.
  9. 100% fair play.  Xmoding or ghosting is strictly forbidden – this is damaging to the entire Clash of Clans community and abusers will be reported.

I missed my attacks – What now?

We realize that from time to time things come up in life and that you may miss an attack.  If you do please check in as soon as possible and let us know why you missed.  Doing this beforehand is very helpful.

  • Players missing both attacks will be automatically Opted Out of wars until they check in.   If you don’t check in within 2 wars you’ll be removed (due to inactivity).
  • Players missing one or more attacks are noted.   A second offense within 2 wars will result in a warning and sitting out a war.  A third will result in demotion or expulsion (as decided by clan leaders).

Note: This does not apply to new players – you can consider your first few wars an interview – missing attacks will  get you kicked.


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  1. Jake Clouse says:

    Hello my name is Jake and I would like to join your clan, I heard it is a very succesful clan so I immediately took interest. I am 18 years old and I am on regularly to help out as much as I can, I am at a town hall lvl 8, my base is sommewhat rushed but Im getting it up to speed. My clash of clans gamertag is jakethegerman and currently in the clan called kegels. Thank you for yor time and hopefully I can get some feedback!

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