Better Bases: The Dragon Flower Base Design

As a clan we are giving up more stars than we are earning. To help with this, let’s look at our base design. One option is the Dragon Flower style. The Dragon Flower base design has proven itself to be difficult to conquer and 3 star. Here is a checklist for all Dragon Flower designs:

  • Center with 3-5 compartments
  • 4 compartments, 1 coming off each side of the center
  • 4 compartments, 1 coming off each corner of the center
  • All buildings in range of defenses, so they are hard to get an easy 50% one star
  • Central CC, AQ, and TH so it’s hard to gowipe from one side for two stars or send a simple kill squad (e.g. CB, Shattered, etc) to take out the AQ/CC/ADs
  • Resource storages integrated into the base, so troops that attack any building will get hung up on those while the defenses rip them apart
  • Compact design so the defenses are able to defend each other fairly well and concentrate the fire on the attacking troops

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2 Responses to Better Bases: The Dragon Flower Base Design

  1. TechEdge says:

    To make thinks easier for those of us who are less creative or don’t have the time to develop bases lets copy the best enemy bases. Within a few wars we should have everyone with a great anti 3 star layout. So – after every war we’ll point out the good bases which we should be using. For TH10 this might be a bit hard – but we can work on those anti 2 star bases as well.

  2. Had a few VERY succesfull attacks, but also some failures.. Didnt master it jet. Did you try it on the popular ring bases?

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