Better Bases: The Dragon Flower Base Design

As a clan we are giving up more stars than we are earning. To help with this, let’s look at our base design. One option is the Dragon Flower style. The Dragon Flower base design has proven itself to be difficult to conquer and 3 star. Here is a checklist for all Dragon Flower designs:

  • Center with 3-5 compartments
  • 4 compartments, 1 coming off each side of the center
  • 4 compartments, 1 coming off each corner of the center
  • All buildings in range of defenses, so they are hard to get an easy 50% one star
  • Central CC, AQ, and TH so it’s hard to gowipe from one side for two stars or send a simple kill squad (e.g. CB, Shattered, etc) to take out the AQ/CC/ADs
  • Resource storages integrated into the base, so troops that attack any building will get hung up on those while the defenses rip them apart
  • Compact design so the defenses are able to defend each other fairly well and concentrate the fire on the attacking troops

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3 Star Bible: Beginner’s Guide to 3 Star Attacks

This is the most important series you will ever watch concerning 3 star attacks. This is mandatory viewing for all clan members. If you have any questions of the topics covered in these videos, speak to Tech or any of the Co-Leaders.

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Fantasy Football Draft!!

To all those signed up for Fantasy Football we have a full roster and the draft time has been set!  Time is short –  we’ll be doing the draft on Wednesday Sept 9th, 6:30pm PST (9:30pm EST).   Contact Dillon immediately if you have a conflict!


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Fantasy Football League

Hey All!

We’ve still got a quite a few openings for the clan fantasy football league. Check it out in the forum or get ahold of Dillon if you want in!

Players so far:  Dillon, Tech, Tharnax, Nacho-li, Paco, Joe, Trunch, Silverbak Samri

That means 2 spots left to fill!


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Welcome to the clan site!

Hey Everyone!

We’ve been talking about this for a while now.  Thanks to Tech spending for spending last week to get this up and going.  The hope is that we’ll be able to use the site to communicate a bit better as the in-app system of emailing and posting leaves just a little to be desired.

You’ll need to register if you want to post articles yourself (just need to pick a username, password and provide your email for resets).  However, you should be able to read anything without even logging in.  Please let us know in chat if you are having any issues.




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